The Advantages of using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

In the world of mobile and app-based internet, online vendors and website owners are forced to offer quicker and simple page navigation for a better user experience.   Statistics show that even a one second delay in the page load time of website can cause a loss of up to 5% – 7% of potential customers.

To overcome this issue, implementing a Content Delivery Network (also known as a CDN) can ensure that your visitors experience optimal web performance. In a CDN, the content is replicated to the destination servers to cache the server’s content globally.


In this article, we will discuss the important benefits of using a CDN for your website.


Significantly Reduced Page Load Time: For online businesses, sales can really suffer due to speed and latency issues.   If your website is incorporating a CDN, however, it will take the data from the servers closest to the visitor, resulting in faster performance. A CDN will also offer faster download times and ensure that online transactions take place seamlessly thereby resulting in more sales and customer satisfaction.

No Geographical Barriers: More than 34% of the world’s population are online with a substantial increase in global internet usage over the last decade. A CDN can boost your website’s reliability and response times while eliminating any latency issues that may obstruct long distance online transactions.

Usage Analytics: Many paid CDN services offer analytics and file usage reports to help you track the number of visitors you are getting, including a breakdown from the regions you are receiving your traffic.

Reduced Costs: If you are using a CDN, you won’t need high capacity infrastructures to offer high availability and better response times to your visitors.

There are many CDN providers like CloudFlare, Amazon CloudFront, CDNetworks, Cachefly, etc. Tier.Net offers the CloudFlare CDN free of charge with all of its web hosting plans.   For more information, be sure to visit:

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