3 Biggest Cyber-Security Weak Points of which Every Business Should be Aware

Keeping your business secure requires more than simply having a state-of-the-art alarm system. Just as you want to keep your inventory protected, you must ensure that your customers’ data, as well as your own, is also safe. Here are some major areas of your business that can be susceptible to cyber threats:


Your employees are not only the heart of your business, they can be the front line of defense when it comes to securing your company’s data. Because so much of your company is shared among a vast majority of workers, it is imperative that your employees understand the critical need for their passwords to remain private. Employees not share their passwords and hey must also create passwords that are very strong so as to prevent company data from being easily compromised. Not logging out, using an unsecured network, and downloading improper files are just some of the ways that your employees can compromise your company’s data.


Phishing is another cyber threat that many companies face daily. Phishing comes via disguised emails and can be totally destructive to your business. According to Caplinked, email wasn’t designed to be secure. Most emails are compromised from either the sender’s device, the network and servers it travels through, or the recipients’ device itself. By posing as a familiar contact, phishers will typically entice the recipient to click a link that will inadvertently lead to them gaining access to secure information.

Partners and Outside Access

While you may have the most up to date cyber-security possible, any weakness in your business partner’s system or in the systems of anyone with outside access (ie: a sub-contractor, CPA firm, etc) can also put you at risk. According to Infoguard Security, one way to combat this is to use a third-party network, so you are not connecting to each other’s sites directly. This will help you to make sure that no shared access you accidentally transmits a virus or anything else that could compromise the security to each other’s computers.

Cybersecurity is something that should not be taken lightly as it can not only lead to financial loss, but also the result of public trust. When customers or clients feel as their information is not being safeguarded or is at risk, they will no longer want to do business with you. Some of the largest firms have paid a hefty price for data breaches.

Keep all of these things in mind and even if you must pay a little more for cyber-security, it is well worth the extra layer of protection.

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