How does cPanel hosting make website administration easier?

If you want to host a business website, personal blog, or any other kind of website, you will need a capable server. Let’s try to cut through the fray and make choosing a hosting package with cPanel an easy task whether it is Shared, Reseller Hosting, VPS, or Dedicated.   You will have to consider several factors such as affordability, features, scalability and easy management.


If you are a beginner, you can start with Shared Hosting which is the most economical and most appropriate hosting solution for individual (or a few) small business websites. As cPanel is the industry’s leading control panel for web hosting, this option offers great value for money. Its user-friendly and graphical interface makes it easy to use by anyone irrespective of their technical knowledge. Its one-click options for data, emails, DNS, auto-installation and more is what makes it the most popular control panel in the industry. Want to give your clients access to their OWN cPanel control panels for their own domains, with limits defined by you?   Opt for a reseller account.   If you’d like to go a step above and manage your OWN reseller accounts, choose a VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server.  The great thing about cPanel/WHM is that it is loaded with several tools so you don’t need to search around for 3rd party software to achieve a particular task in most cases. cPanel is the ultimate “easy button” when it comes to hosting.

Let’s take a look at a few of the advantages that cPanel brings to a website administrator:

1) User-Friendly: cPanel’s graphical interface makes it the leading control panel in the hosting industry. You get easy to recognize icons in cPanel that you can access just by one-click and perform tasks by simply following on-screen instructions. You also get video tutorials when you login to cPanel so that you can get familiar with the options available and how to make the most out of them.

2) Security: To maintain websites, security is a major concern as they may contain confidential and private data. cPanel is designed with a three-tier structure that allows the most comprehensive security for website administrators. It has tools that lets you keep your directories safe with passwords and restrict access to any part of your website. You can also protect downloads and images through cPanel hot-linking tools.  You can keep vulnerable scripts auto-updated via Softaculous.  You can now use two factor authentication and cPanel ID for added security, among many other options.

3) Easy Installation and Management: If you use Shared Hosting, cPanel is pre-installed and you can access it online 24/7/365. If you get a VPS or Dedicated Server, cPanel and WebHost Manager will be pre-installed and configured. You can manage all aspects of hosting just by a few clicks. You can offer auto-installers for scripts and 3rd party software making installation easier for novice clients.

4) Compatibility: cPanel is extremely compatible with most web-based software available in the industry today. It is highly compatible and works great with CentOS and CloudLinux operating system distributions including the new version 7.x of each.

5) Analysis: cPanel comes with incredible tools to check the statistics of your websites built right in. The graphical stats allow you to keep track of the growth and progress of your website with easy to follow graphs and amazing, customizable reports.

The advantages of cPanel are nearly endless and we have only mentioned a handful of them so be sure to visit to find out more. Tier.Net is an authorized cPanel Partner NOC and offers cPanel + WHM with most of its web hosting products.

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