VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Which one should you choose?

There are many types of web hosting solutions from shared hosting to dedicated servers. Shared hosting is the entry-level tier of web hosting, primarily used for hosting websites with low traffic including small business sites or blogs.   For websites with more advanced hosting, however, either a Dedicated or VPS solution is preferred.

The features of a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and a dedicated server are quite similar.   However,  there are some significant differences as outlined below:

VPS Hosting:

  1. A VPS is a virtual machine created within a host server through virtualization software. The virtual machine is known as a container and the host server is called a node.
  2. A VPS is noticeable step up from shared hosting, yet still at a relatively low cost.
  3. With VPS hosting, you will be sharing the CPU with other virtual machines but you receive dedicated RAM, storage space and bandwidth.
  4. VPS hosting offers easy scalability, allowing you the flexibility to upgrade your server resources including RAM or storage without the need for migration or downtime.
  5. With VPS hosting, you receive “admin” or “root” access to your virtual server, allowing you to reboot, customize, or install third-party software.

Dedicated Servers:

  1. Dedicated hosting requires leasing a physical server that is completely reserved and dedicated to your hosting needs.
  2. Dedicated servers are generally more expensive than other hosting platforms.
  3. The hardware used for a dedicated hosting account is not shared with anyone else, thereby providing you with 100% of the server’s resources.
  4. A dedicated server is ideal choice for websites with high-traffic or for video and music streaming website that get a large number of visitors.
  5. Dedicated servers have many CPU options, ranging from a single core to multi-core.   The amount of RAM that can be installed is also substantial.
  6. Dedicated server resources are static and inflexible, therefore most upgrades would require some downtime.
  7. With a dedicated server, you have full control of server hardware along with admin/root access to customize or install any software.

Finding the right balance between price and performance is often a challenge. Be careful when assuming that money alone is a good measure of quality and capacity.   Reliability is also important, and thus selecting an established hosting provider is recommended for peace of mind.

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